Insurance Repairs Rockhampton

Did you know? It’s your choice as to who repairs your car after an accident.

When you contact your insurance company after an accident you can specify who you want to repair your vehicle. This is know as a “Choice Repairer”. Your insurance company may have a list of alternate repairers however you can specify Lindley’s Panel Works is your choice repairer when making your claim.

Once your claim has been submitted and you will normally be given a claim number. When you bring your vehicle into us for a quote we will need this claim number and the name of the insurance company, this is so we can submit an estimate for work to the insurance company. Once approved you will be able to book your car in for repairs with Lindley’s and we’ll return your car to it’s former glory! You’d never know it had been in an accident.

You don’t have to go with the repairer specified by your insurance company

In fact there have been a number of news stories that may make you think twice about using the services of the Insurance Companies “preferred repairer”.

At Lindley’s we pride ourselves on doing what is right (and safe) for our customers. Parts that need to be replaced for safety reasons are! A quality repair is not limited to how the car looks when we’re done. At Lindley’s safety is paramount.

Unfortunately not all body shops have the same attitude – but don’t take our word for it check out this horror story from Terry Flanagan who is a crash repairer and industry spokesman, speaking out about insurance companies which he believes are putting savings first over quality work:

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So remember – specify Lindley’s Panel Works as you choice repairer for insurance repairs Rockhampton if you want the job done to high and above all else safe quality standard. It’s a choice you wont regret!